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Gas Logs


Unbelievably Realistic !


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Radiant Heat Ceramic Gas Logs by are molded from actual pieces of wood that are carefully selected for their character. Logs are made of a unique ceramic refractory material and engineered for temperatures up to 2500. Plus, each log is reinforced with molded-in steel rods for extra strength and long life. Special wood tone pigments and handcrafted detailing add to amazing realism

Image: Burnt Oak
Burnt Oak
Image: Craggy Pine
Craggy Pine
Image: Deluxe Oak
Deluxe Oak
Image: Georgian Oak
Georgian Oak
Image: Magic Oak Fresh Cut
Magic Oak Fresh Cut
Image: Manzanita / Driftwood
Manzanita / Driftwood
Image: Multi-Oak Burned Out
Multi-Oak Burned Out
Image: Multi-Oak Standard
Multi-Oak Standard
Image: New England Birch
New England Birch
Image: Split Oak Freshcut
Split Oak Freshcut
Image: Splitwood
       Image: Supreme Oak                   Supreme Oak