Andiron Fireplace Shop Presents The White Mountain Hearth Gas Log Sets
                                Multi-Sided Log Sets Stone River and Rock Creek

Designed for see through, island and peninsula fireplaces, our new multi-sided log sets are available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes to provide a fuller look.

The all-new Vented/Vent-Free Slope Glaze Vista Burner looks great from any angle. With its expansive ember bed and lazy flickering flames, the Vista helps complete the scene for your Stone River or Rock Creek log set.

STONE RIVER: The ceramic fiber Stone River set includes 5 stocky logs – hand-painted, of course – arranged for a slightly lower profile.

ROCK CREEK: The Rock Creek set features richly detailed and hand-painted refractory logs – and lots of them ­– artfully stacked to complement the Slope Glaze Vista Burner. With bark, split-wood, and sawn ends showing, the exquisitely detailed Rock Creek set provides visual interest aflame or at rest.

Vented/Vent-Free/Super-size Gas Logs

All White Mountain Hearth Log Sets are certified for use with Empire Comfort System Vented/Vent-Free Slope Glaze Burners and Vented Slope Glaze Burners.

Vented/Vent-Free Burners include an Oxygen Depletion System (ODS) to quickly shut off the gas if room oxygen levels drop to unsafe levels. Vented/Vent-Free burners convert to Vented by opening the fireplace damper.

Vented burners operate at higher Btu. They have no ODS and are certified for use only in a vented firebox or conventional fireplace.

Empire Comfort Systems created the White Mountain Hearth collection to give you more options in a gas log set. With several distinct log looks, in sizes from 16 to 30 inches, this special collection helps you tailor your hearth’s look to top off any room décor. Choose from our traditional lines – charred oak (our most popular log), sassafras, birch, aged oak or hickory.

Ceramic Fiber Flint Hill Log Set
and Burner Combination (VFDR-24)
Super Charred Oak Log Set (LS-24C2S)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)
Super Sassafras Log Set (LS-24RSS)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)
Ponderosa Log Set (LS-24P) with Vented
Slope Glaze Burner System (VSR-24)
Hickory Log Set (LS-24H)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)
Charred Oak Log Set (LS-24C2 Shown)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)
Birch Log Set (LS-24B Shown)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)
Sassafras Log Set (LS-24RS)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)
Refractory Aged Oak Log Set (LS-24RAO)
with Slope Glaze Burner System (VFSR-24)

Flint Hill Log Set

The Flint Hill Log Set features richly detailed, hand-painted logs mounted atop our new vent-free Contour Burner. This complete set includes glowing embers to add to the illusion of a real wood fire at any heat setting.

This competitively priced log/burner combo requires a minimum firebox depth of just 12 inches, making Flint Hill the ideal log set for existing fireplaces and fireboxes, and for new construction.

Select/Super Logsets

Our all-new Select/Super Log Sets boast bigger logs and more of them - choose Charred Oak, Sassafras or Ponderosa.

  • Bigger Logs & More Log Pieces
  • Large Stack Complements New Premium & Select Fireboxes
  • Hand-Painted (with lifelike detail)
  • Ideal for Large Masonry Fireplaces
  • Sizes: 18, 24, & 30 inches to Fit Existing Empire Comfort System Burners

Beyond Real

From the curve of each log to the height of the stack, your White Mountain Hearth log set is crafted to complement the burner pattern and produce a lifelike fire. Flames dance and swirl to captivate your imagination and warm your soul. Our traditional log sets complete the illusion with glowing embers.

Unlike a wood fire, your White Mountain Hearth vent-free logs create a consistent, controlled heat – without the dangerous flareups or chilling die-downs. Our vent-free gas logs warm your room quickly and efficiently, while using about half the energy of a traditional vented gas log.

Toss the Matches, Grab the Remote Control

Take charge of your new vent-free variable log set with White Mountain Hearth’s standard, two-button remote control. Adjust the flame height from a low glow to a roaring fire, or any comfort level in between.

Our millivolt log set models offer the option of using a thermostat, a remote control, or our combination thermostat/remote.

Even our manually controlled log sets offer three heat levels, so you can keep the cold winds at bay without overheating the room.

Proven Technology, Artfully Applied

For people who have grown tired of hauling in logs, hauling out ash, and living with uneven heating, White Mountain Hearth logs are the perfect replacement in a traditional fireplace. White Mountain Hearth vented/ventfree gas log sets do not require a flue. Originally designed for use in vent-free fireplaces, these logs work equally well in traditional flue-vented applications. They can be ordered for use with natural gas or LP.

Our vent-free burner includes an integrated oxygen depletion sensor to instantly shut off the system well before room oxygen levels drop to unsafe levels.

White Mountain Hearth also makes vented burners, without the oxygen depletion sensor, for use only with an open-damper flue.

Our Slope Glaze Burners feature concealed controls and project the traditional look of a tall stack of select firewood. Special glaze material within the precisely shaped burner swirl the gas as it flows to produce naturally flickering flames.

All White Mountain Hearth log sets include a standing pilot for instant starts.

History and Art Come Together

Empire Comfort Systems, Inc., has manufactured safe, reliable heating systems for 70 years. We take pride in our reputation for quality products, backed by the best sales, service, and distribution network in this industry.

White Mountain Hearth vented/ventfree log sets combine our proven technologies with exceptional artistry and craftsmanship to add beauty and warmth to any home.