Andiron Fireplace Shop features 

the Empire

Cast Iron Gas Stove

Classic Styling – Modern Technology

Vent-Free, Available in 

Sand Color Porcelain  



  • Ceramic fiber log set with glowing embers comes secured to frame
  • Large fire viewing area
  • Variable heat output
  • Approved as a heater to the A.F.U.E. standard
  • Operates without electricity
  • Push-button ignition
  • Safe operation with auto shut-off controls



Vent Free

Vent-Free stoves are 99% fuel-efficient and offer the ultimate in installation flexibility because no venting system is required. These stoves are perfect where there is no access to flues or chimneys and automatic shut-off devices make vent-free stoves safe.



There’s no feeling quite like walking into a room with a fire blazing in your new stove. Now you can have the stove you want, and it requires no chimney or masonry: the Empire vent free stove spreads radiant warmth throughout your room, so you can relax and enjoy. For over six decades, Empire Comfort Systems has been heating America, and now delivers it with style and efficiency.



Made in the USA, the Empire Vent free Stove is easily installed in any room. The ceramic fiber log set comes secured to the firebox frame to ensure proper installation. And the unique firebox design actually adds depth by reflecting the flame pattern. The Empire Vent Free Gas Stove  brightens your room with the look you want, the warmth you need and the quality you deserve.



Nothing can quite match the radiance and contentment of a cheerful fire.  Installation of your Empire Vent free Stove is fast and easy. The most difficult part is deciding which accessories to add. Uniquely designed to allow quick installation anywhere, even in a basement. The Empire Direct Vent Free Gas Stove  is designed with heat and comfort in mind.



At Empire, ease of use is always a priority. The Empire Vent Free Stove is a blazing example. A Wall thermostat is available with the standard on/off manual control. Add a remote control or was switch for convenience. For your peace of mind, the pilot of every unit is equipped with automatic shut-off.




Empire has been keeping America warm for over sixty years, isn’t it time you and your family started enjoying the luxury, reliability and convenience of an Empire Vent free stove? Find out how easy it is to have one of these beautiful and economical stoves in your home. We can help you choose the model and finish that’s exactly right for your right needs.


Call about our special Pricing on this model
CIPS-1 Porcelain Sand 25-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 27-3/4"
CIVF-25 25,000 Vent Free On/Off Millivolt


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